Sunday, August 02, 2015

every dog has his day

I am not certain if that is true.  But I do know every dog should have a home.

Rescue groups throughout Mexico have done a great job of reducing the population of distressed street dogs.  When I began traveling to Mexico in the early 1970s, the malnourished street dog could have replaced the eagle as the Mexican symbol -- they were that ubiquitous.

Fortunately things have changed.  But that does not mean every dog has a home.

Meet Cooper.  He is in need of a home.  Despite his tropical close crop cut, he is an Old English sheep dog.  Male.  Two years old.  Neutered.  Up to date on his vaccines.

All he needs now is someplace to call his permanent home.  Because he is playful and rambunctious, someplace with space would be a perfect match for him.

Here are my thoughts.  This is the breed of dog that would thrive in the highlands.  And I know there are several of you up that way who are dog lovers.  If Cooper is not a match for your home and family, maybe you know someone who would be.

If so, call Dave in Barra de Navidad on his mobile telephone.  315.100.1124.

I am positive someone out there would love to call Cooper their friend.

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