Thursday, August 13, 2015

showers of blessing

Some days I feel as if I live in a fantasy.

Take yesterday morning.  Every summer we wait for the rains to arrive to help moderate our humidity.  So far, this year, nature has been toying with our affections.  Instead of our usual rain storm every three or four days, we get a bit of rain -- and then days of damp heat.

By sticking around in the summer months, I tend to build up a tolerance for the discomfort.  But tolerance can only go so far.  That is where the pool comes in.  By staying submerged in its moderating depths, I almost enjoy the heat.

I woke yesterday morning to the sound of heavy rain.  The architect of my house built a heat chimney in the shower area of my bedroom.  And, to avoid having the shower turn into a waterfall during rain storms, she capped it off with a piece of white translucent laminate.  

The birds love tangoing up there.  But, when the rains hit it, the bird tangos transform into water flamencos.  The sound is always welcome in the summer.

I had planned to drive to Manzanillo yesterday to buy two wooden toilet seats at Home Depot, to replace the flimsy Chinese seats that could not stand up to regular wear and tear, and two new sets of sheets at Sam's Club to welcome my house guest.  Nothing says "make yourself at home" like fresh sheets.

I have learned my lesson about driving my Escape in our tropical rain storms.  My venture into a rain storm last month
(shipshape in Manzanillo) convinced me that I could easily become a lemming if I wandered out into another.

But, this is Mexico.  I didn't even have time to start worrying before the rain was gone -- and so was I.  To Manzanillo.

I mentioned yesterday that Leo had purchased two pool floats to be delivered to my post office box.  One arrived on Tuesday.  The other was at the post office yesterday.  Once again, Amazon proves it worth as a shopping source.

As for the rain, the rest of the day was clear.  But I am not certain how long that will be true.  Take a look at this:

It appears those showers of blessing may be arriving along with Leo.

Of course, it is just a weather report.  During the summer, that thunderstorm icon is ubiquitous -- and recurringly incorrect.

I can hope that next week will give us enough sun to enjoy those pool floats.  With the exception of the lightning that usually accompanies our rain, a nice warm downpour shouldn't get in the way of this pool party.

Note -- The photograph at the top of this essay is one of the first sights I see each morning.  Looking up the chimney in my shower.


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