Friday, August 21, 2015


Everything has a season.

So says The Preacher.  And it is true of most things -- even blogs.

I started writing this compilation of essays in December 2007 after a brief visit to La Manzanilla in an effort to develop plans for retirement in Mexico.  I wrote about those plans and my move south with my faithful companion Professor Jiggs.  And you know most of the rest of the story.

The blog has gone through name and format changes.  And it will now go through another major change.

Our lives change.  And I have certain events in my life recently that have convinced it is time to shut down Mexpatriate to allow me to pursue other endeavors.

It has been a fun ride.  For all of you lovely readers out there in the dark who have been reading my work, I thank you.  For those who have ventured to write comments, I thank you for the conversations.

But everything must end.  And this is where it does.


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