Saturday, August 22, 2015

toying with the story

OK.  I know I am going to be accused of playing with my food, but I need to explain a few things about yesterday's announcement that Mexpatriate was closing down.

The tone was a bit ambiguous.  It needed to be that way.  But, in doing that, I unintentionally created worries where none need be.

I do not have a life-threatening disease.  Re-reading the announcement, I can see how I may have created that impression.  I actually feel quite good.

But that answer begs the question, doesn't it?  At least, it avoids the real question: an explanation why I am doing what I am doing.

The answer is quite simple.  I regularly spend four hours each day working on my essays.  It is a lot of time I could use for other purposes.  And I have two in mind.

First, I need to start getting serious about Spanish.  Almost everyone who visits me is appalled at how little Spanish I speak.  Leo being the most recent.  They are correct.  I have been getting by by getting by.

I will need to speak Spanish fluently to attain Mexican citizenship.  And to do that, I am going to start dedicating time each day for academic studies, and then applying it on my regular walks through town.

"Regular walks through town" sums up my second project.  When I moved to Mexico, I cooked healthy meals for myself -- and I walked everywhere.  When I moved to Barra de Navidad, I started eating only in restaurants after driving there.  I have paid the price for that.

I have joined Leo on his 4-mile morning walks.  Barra de Navidad has a spiffy walkway just perfect for that task.  My idea is to walk to the fitness club (just off of the walkway), ride the exercise bike there, and then walk back to the house.  Daily.  That should eat up almost all of the time I once devoted to writing my essays.

There was another factor.  But it is personal, and there is nothing to be gained by discussing its details.  Just trust me.

I have truly appreciated your comments.  And it has caused me to re-assess whether going cold turkey is the answer.  I know several bloggers who publish on an irregular basis -- or on a limited schedule. 

Here is what I would like to try.  I am going to keep accumulating writing material.  From time to time, I will publish an essay.  Maybe it will be on a regular schedule.  Maybe sporadically.

But watch this space.  A slimmer Steve and a slimmer Mexpatriate may work out just right.

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