Thursday, July 14, 2011

out of my routine

And sometimes we simply do what I could do every day – but don’t.

When I chose a place to live in Mexico, I insisted that it be on the ocean.  Not just water.  No lakes.  The ocean.

Almost all of my life, I lived within an hour or so of the beach.  I didn’t go often.  But the times I did are some of my favorite memories.  And we all know that my dog Jiggs thought the beach was better than French bread.

For the first seven months I lived in Villa Obregon, I started and ended every day sitting and enjoying the bay and the beach -- even though I seldom went in the water.

When I moved inland four blocks, I often didn’t see the beach for weeks.  And I have not been in the ocean for well over a year.

Brian and Holden love the ocean.  They have spent a good deal of time in tropical climates on the beach.  They snorkel.  They swim.  They do the things I often talk about, but seldom do.

So, we made today a beach day.  First, in Melaque battling waves that can quickly introduce you to the sand (as I discovered to my cost twice) and then at the almost-Caribbean beach at Cuastecomate.  (I say “almost,” because the recent wave action has made the water too murky to snorkel.)

While in Cuastecomate, I had a great meal of octopus and shrimp in a hot sauce.  Either the meal or the sun or the 5 gallons of salt water I swallowed during the day had a rather bad effect on my digestive system.


But that was to come later.  The house where Brian and Holden are staying has a very nice view of the beach.  We decided to spend a couple of hours before dinner just sitting and enjoying the beach. 

And, of course, having the types of conversations with friends we always say we wish we had time to do.  Well, we did have the time, and we did.


We scurried over to Barra just in time to walk through one of our downpours – and to have an indifferent meal at one of Barra’s landmark tourist restaurants.  The thunder and light show were simply a bonus.

So, I am off to bed to get some rest and restore some liquids.  Thursday will be either a day in the mountains or a quick trip to Cuyutlán.

No agenda.  Just good times with good friends.


John Calypso said...

Like the photo with the rain out at sea.
"meal of octopus and shrimp" - lots of room for error there. Get well soon!

Steve Cotton said...

When I framed the photograph, I was thinking it looked a bit like a William Turner painting.

tancho said...

You confuse me Amigo....But the I am easily confused with so much information overload these days. You tell us that you are wandering around Mexico checking it out for possible locations where to rent and stay,  but then you insist that you must have sand in your shoes....

Bite the bullet and buy a joint on the beach, ocean front while the economy is down, and quit lallygagging around. You could buy something with additional rooms and rent it out to visitors from the North wandering around searching....searching.
You seem content in your part of the world, and besides then we can make plans to barge in a stay for a week or two.
When you get too hot you can come up to the mountains and stay here, ( for a week or two)

Babsofsanmiguel said...

Well, that is quite an offer and challenge from Sr. Tancho.  I say, "keep renting" and then you have the freedom to be wherever you want to be........
Although I did look at a cute place in Barra for $85,000 US last year - 3 brs, 2 baths, 2 blocks from the keeps rolling around in my head - 5 months there, 5 months here and 2 months NOB.  Perfecto.  We'll see.
Love the photo..............makes me want to be there.

Nita said...

I love "no agenda" anywhere or anytime if you can swing it!

Steve Cotton said...

It is like dating.  I see a great girl and fall in love.  Then I return to my steady and discover most of her qualities are more than acceptable.  I guess that is why I like wandering from place to place -- renting as I go.  But your idea is tempting

Steve Cotton said...

I am with you.  Renting is the best of all worlds.

Steve Cotton said...

It sums up my life.  It also lets me put off making any decisions.

NWexican said...

Date the hot ones at the beach in the winter and the cool ones in the land of eternal spring in the summer. Sort of like the snowbird idea NOB.

Steve Cotton said...

I am currently trying a variation on that theme.