Friday, July 08, 2011

sundown in san miguel -- for now

Time can be as deceptive as memory.

In one sense, I feel as if I have just arrived in San Miguel.  In another, as if I have lived here for years.

Part of that, I think, is the concerted and concentrated activity we indulge in when visiting new places.  We feel as if we must do and go and see.  Until we lose contact with our surroundings.

Thursday was my last day in San Miguel for about ten days.  Rather than rush around trying to pull together the loose ends I have not yet experienced, I decided to laze around the casita -- as if it were my home.  I ate.  I read.  I simply relaxed.

Then Babs and I topped off the day with a visit to the Longhorn Smokehouse -- a local gathering place of expatriates and Mexicans.  Thursday is steak special night -- filet mignon, baked potato with the full dress-up, garlic bread, and a simple salad.  It came highly recommended by Tancho and Jennifer Rose. 

I can safely say it was the best steak I have had in Mexico.  It was not Morton’s, but I didn’t leave behind a hundred bucks, either.

When I returned to the casita, I found this interesting view out my window just after the sun went down.  No dramatic sunset tonight.  Just a subtle slip out the door.

Friday morning around 6 or so, I will be doing the same thing.  Traveling from the highlands to my tropical beach for a week with friends.

But anything I did not get done today (or in the past week), I will still be able to do in about ten more days.  Because I still have two more weeks in San Miguel before July is done.

And I can then post a couple of topics I have not yet dared touch.


Rick said...

Steve, hot tip (airplanes) You do not need a car in San Miguel.

Babsofsanmiguel said...

I presume you're back in Melaque - soaking up the "tropics"!

Steve Cotton said...

I hardly ever used it -- other than for my major grocery run.

Steve Cotton said...

I am.  Wait until you hear about the surprise that waited for me this morning.  In tomorrow's post.

Mcotton said...

What now?

Steve Cotton said...

There will be more.  Just wait for tomorrow.