Sunday, July 10, 2011

the sun always sets

For about a year, I have been planning a blog project.  I want to drive north from Barra de Navidad to Puerto Vallarta and stay one night in each of the luxury hotels along the way.

It would get me out of the house and give me some interesting tales to relate.

Well, it was a good idea until I started penciling out a budget.  I now know why travel writer’s accept Caesar’s coin before writing those lavish praise pieces.  It may be some time before that idea gets beyond the concept stage.

In fact, I had never even stepped foot in the hotel that would kick off the trip – the Grand Bay Hotel on Isla Navidad, just across the bay from Barra de Navidad.

It is impossible to miss the place if you visit this area.  It sits perched above the bay like some Kubla Khan-ordained Xanadu.  But whether or not it is a “stately pleasure dome,” I had no idea.  Until Sunday.

So far, I have shown Brian and Holden what a regular day is like in Melaque.  On Sunday, that means church services followed by lunch at some local eatery.

So, we were off to one of our informal worship services.  This week there were thirteen of us.  And seven decided to head off to lunch.  Including us.

But the spot was new for me.  We drove over to the Grand Bay Hotel.  It is hard not to compare the rather ragged roads and houses on the outside of the gated property with what lies inside.  On the inside, well-maintained roads wind through a golf course that would have pleased Charles Foster Kane. 

And the hotel itself with its yacht-studded marina perfectly completed the picture.  That is it at the top of the post – as seen from Barra.

I then introduced Brian and Holden to one of my favorite places.  The mirador overlooking Melaque and the Pacific Ocean.  In the week since I was last there, it has greened up with our summer rains.

Then, a real Sunday tradition.  I gave them a couple hours to relax at their pool while I headed off to take a siesta (that just did not happen).  We were then off to dinner.  Does there appear to be a theme there?

I wanted them to experience one of Melaque’s nicer beach restaurants – where the food does a passable job of matching the view.

And to give them a chance to experience one of Melaque’s best attractions – the sunset.  Sunday was a particularly nice show with its reverse sunset turning the sea into that delightful pink tinge I have noticed in my garden during summer evenings.


When they arrived, I told Brian and Holden I had no set agenda.  We would do whatever the day seemed to lead us to do.  So far, that has worked out.

I just hope the day leads us to a nice snorkel trip before they return to Los Angeles.


Mcotton said...

What beautiful pictures.  That sunset is magnificent.

Steve Cotton said...

And the company was even better.

I just looked at one of the photographs Holden took of Brian and me.  I should not be eating in those high calory places.

Laurie Matherne said...

That sunset is incredible. Almost not believable. I suppose beach living has its charms. My family is going to the Florida Panhandle for a few days later this month. I won't be there. I never cared for the beach in the most intense days of summer. And as I grow older, I care for it less and less. But I am certain they will see great sunsets, and they will eat well. 

Steve Cotton said...

With our recent eains, the temperatures have been nice here.  This moening is even a bit refreshing.

Sparksmex said...

There's lots of resorts up the coast ... and some you can't enter without reservations.   Don't think I could justify a week of $150+ nights for a series of Blog posts

Steve Cotton said...

The $150 a night places I could handle.  It was the handful of $600-$1000 a night places that changed my mind.

Jackie said...

That is a gorgeous sunset! 

Steve Cotton said...

THey can be stunning down here.

Kim G said...

The sunset picture is quite amazing.

As for the hotels, you could always try the "name your own price" on priceline and then lowball a bid on a day when you know they have lots of vacancy (determined first on something like Expedia.)  I've stayed in some fabulous places cheaply that way.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where, quite incidentally, we had a rather nice sunset of our own this evening.

Steve Cotton said...

I may be wrong, but I am not certain El Tamarindo runs specials. But I should check. After all, even Claridge's has deals.