Friday, August 17, 2012

ribbing che

The world is filled with jokes.  Some of them unintended.

Mozart and Haydn sprinkled their compositions with the mischievous musical variety  Da Vinci used his paintings to pull our collective leg.

Even San Miguel de Allende knows how to make us laugh.  When I saw this sign, I chuckled so hard I could hardly control the camera.

Naming a restaurant, which serves large slabs of slaughtered beef, after one of the butchers of the twentieth century is absolutely brilliant.  Rather like the Pol Pot Hot Pot.  Mao Grilled Chicken.  Or Fox Trotsky.

That might be a great concept for a restaurant.  The Despot Diner.  With Franco-Spanish spaghetti.  Hitler wurst-than-you-can-imagine.  The Castro blue plate special -- served on an empty blue plate.

But the owners of El Che did me one better, they stuck their eponymous icon behind bars.  Quite the visual jokers.

Wednesday afternoon I wandered through the central area of San Miguel.  As always, there was plenty of activity.  Primarily of the Disney variety.  I will share some of those experiences later in the week -- or next week.

In addition to taking in the sights, I was looking for an internet café.  Babs thoughtfully ordered internet for the casita last week.  Telmex unthoughtfully has failed to pull the connecting switch.  Something about an overloaded server. Just technical enough to bump irritation into confusion.

So, I went in search of an alternative.
And I found one.  Nothing fancy -- few Mexican internet cafés are.  But it served my purpose.  Yesterday’s -- and today’s -- posts would still be in my computer if I had not.

I also managed to score tickets for the last weekend of the International Chamber Music Festival.  The Atlanta Chamber Players will perform on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday evening.  At $450 (Mx) -- about $34 (US) -- each, the tickets are a true bargain.

And, who knows, I may even hear a few musical jokes.  If not, I may order a rare steak at El Che -- for the irony, if nothing else.


Felipe Zapata said...

That leftist murderers and the red star they sport are embraced while rightist murderers and the swastika they sport are reviled speaks volumes, as they say, about our lamentable, modern mindset, especially when you consider that the former murdered far more folks than the latter in the now-defunct 20th Century and even today the former oppress millions and the latter have fallen completely.

Enjoy the chamber tunes.

John Calypso said...

A coffee machine - yikes (referring to the Internet cafe photo).  I did not know these things existed in Mexico - oh what a sheltered life I lead.

al lanier said...

If your shocks fail while in town, be sure to check with Osama's Auto Shop on the Libramiento. They might fix it or turn your car into a car-bomb. 


Steve Cotton said...

The tines have been great.  See tomorrow's post -- tomorrow.

Steve Cotton said...

I didn't even notice the coffee machine until I posted the photograph.  And I could have touched it from the chair I have used for the past three days.  A pretty good indication of where coffee ranks in my life.  One of the "c" words, you know.

Steve Cotton said...

I hear he does a booming business.

DonCuevas said...

There used to be a free coffee machine in the AutoVías waiting room at Terminal Poniente, México, D.F. We watched once while they serviced it,

But last time we were there, it was gone.

Saludos, Don Cuevas

Felipe Zapata said...

Haven't you ever been in an OXXO or any of the other convenience stores dotting the highways and byways of Mexico? Plenty of coffee machines.

John Calypso said...

I have seen the OXXO stores in Puerto. There are none here in our part of Veracruz. And no I have never been in one. Do not do convenience stores at all. They actually have those coin operated coffee machines? - I thought those things went away with telephone booths and cigarette machines - I guess we live a sheltered life.

Felipe Zapata said...

 Coin-operated no. You pay at the counter.

Kim G said...

There's free wifi in El Jardín, and if that's too public (or sunny), there's also wifi in the Starbucks nearby.

But if you're not a coffee drinker, perhaps that latter option didn't naturally occur to you.

Hope you have fun in SMA.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where we are amused by the Spanish pronunciation of "wifi." Rhymes with the dog's name, "Fifi."

Steve Cotton said...

I will give both a try.  My attempts at getting accurate passwords in the little cafes around the jardin has not been very successful.  The internet cafe has everything I need, though,to get my posts published.

Steve Cotton said...

Perhaps it was taken into custody by the feferales.