Monday, August 13, 2012

suds and speed

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Toiletries and the internet.

Where would we bloggers be without the dynamic duo of rooms away from home?  They are always a consistent lode for post material.

I have indulged in my share of whinging on both topics (washing my hands of the whole enchilada; high speed at a price).  But color me happy (or a shade of happy) as a result of our California road trip.

After leaving Lake Tahoe, we stayed at two motels that would rate as functional with most travelers.  No doormen.  No soaring atria.  No desk clerks with phony French accidents.

Just a place to sleep, shower, and shave.  And to get on the internet.

In Morro Bay, it was an unaffiliated motel run by a pleasant Indian family.  In Los Angeles, it was a Best Western run by friendly clerks from Indian families.

The toiletry sets in both motels included shampoo bottles that easily dispensed shampoo through simple twist caps.  And soap wrappers that peeled opened at corners rather than requiring scalpels and surgeon precision.

I suppose there is some reason high falutin’ hotels secure their products in non-invasive packaging.  Maybe they are designed for people accustomed to relying on the help undertake such menial chores.

I confess, though, to feeling my task meter rise a bit simply because I could use the soap and shampoo.  At my age, small areas of competency are always appreciated.

The internet was a mixed bag.  The Moor Bay connection was slow.  The Los Angeles connection was speedier.  But they were both adequate to get my travel notes online.  Something I could not do in China.

True, the beds may have been firm enough to use as stones on which to spread fudge.  But I cannot sleep well until I sleep on a bed for three days.  So, these one night stands of sleeplessness were to be expected.

And now, I am in Melaque.  For at least Saturday and Sundays nights.  On Monday, the road tour continues.

This time to San Miguel de Allende.


min said...

I was at San Miguel. for 2weeks about 12years ago took a bus from Mexico city.
Found charming little town with too many Gringo.

It was aright for maybe 1week after that I was bored to tear.
In fact,bus trip to neighboring city that saved me from getting out of there earlier then I planed.
Just my little opinion.

Have fun ,no matter where you go.
May be ,You can write something,we can all muss about!

John Calypso said...

You are a travelin' man!

Steve Cotton said...

I am heading up to San Miguel on Tuesday.  But I am still traveling.

Steve Cotton said...

I am going to miss the chamber music festival this year.  But San Miguel always has something on offer.

Andean said...

Have you spent more days traveling or in Melaque this year? Curious as to what would up on that tally.

min said...

That makes sense.

I  remember,They had Res.with Chilian pipe music.
That was a nice surprise for Two evening.
They do have some nice place .

Enjoy it,
Most of the times,When I traveled in Mexico.
I was along.

Steve Cotton said...

Far more days on the road.  I have been in Melaque for barely a total of a month.  And that is fine.

Babsofsanmiguel said...

No, you won't miss the Chamber Music Festival.  It doesn't end til next Sunday.  The program is here ready for you to go to two free concerts by students and the Atlantic Chamber Players.  They have won Grammys!

Steve Cotton said...

Kewl.  That is good news indeed.

Colonel_Angus said...

Only 'Sleep, Shower, and Shave'?  Did you forget to 'Shit'?

Please don't censor me again.  This is funny stuff!