Saturday, December 27, 2008

dios de amor; gente de amor

Nancy shared a secret ("secret" only because I did not know about it) with her fellow bloggers the other day. Someone asked her how she found all of the interesting new blogs she tells us about.

Her response:

I subscribe to some Google Alerts…most of the alerts are realtors or people selling something but occasionally there are blogs listed that relate to Mexico. I usually watch them for a few weeks or a month to see if they post frequently, etc. and then introduce them to my readers after that.

I did not know such the tool existed. I typed "Google Alerts" in my Google toolbar -- and, YOWEE! -- all I had to do was type in "Mexico," choose "blogs," frequency of alerts, and I was done.

My inbox immediately started to fill with new information. And I am glad I did it. An entry on Friday contained the picture at the top of this post.

Six Spanish words (four in English) sum up my theology and what I have been doing my best to live. I could have used it rather than my prolix Christmas post.

But it is a good message as we head off toward the new year.

Thanks for sharing, Nancy.


Nancy said...

You're welcome, Steve. You can even do alerts on people you know to see when they are in the news, etc. It can be kind of fun.

But the real question is were you up writing this at 3:42 am?

Steve Cotton said...

Nancy -- Google Alerts is a handy tool. I have set up several new ones as a result of your suggestion. Thanks for sharing. As for the early post, it is the result of living alone on a long holiday weekend. I can only imagine what retirement is going to be like. I love the night.

Anonymous said...

That Nancy, one sharp lady!

I'm also finding myself up at odd hours now that the Capt is at sea. If I'm awake, no point in staying in bed.

Steve Cotton said...

Aye. It is the curse of the unpoliced life.