Thursday, December 04, 2008

shirt off his back

Wayne often tantalizes us with a random piece of clothing he finds displayed in the most fantastic places on his Mexican island.

Well, Mr Minnesota. Before you start thinking your island has a monopoly on odd clothing displays, I offer you this:

OK. It's only a shirt. But what is it doing hanging there above the creek?

And, Wayne, I can hear your Midwestern response from here --



Anonymous said...

Maybe she is bathing in the water?


GlorV1 said...

Maybe there's a tree house and someone lives in it and they are drying their clothes or shirt, whatever. I can visualize a tree house there, maybe two small rooms. One is a little kitchenette and the other the living/sleeping room. Of course the out house is out there some where. :) Take care Steve, big hug to Mr. Jiggs.

Steve Cotton said...

Horst and Gloria -- Great imaginations.

Islagringo said...

I love these little mysteries of life and how they provoke the imagination. For some reason though, I always seem to come across underwear!

Steve Cotton said...

Wayne -- You always have the greatest underwear posts in Mexico.