Thursday, December 18, 2008

ten little webdians

I usually don't put much stock in awards. Maybe because I do not get many.

But I was both surprised and (to complete the cliché: honored) that Same Life -- New Location showed up on a list of the
10 Best Expat Blogs About Mexico.

And great company it was for this little blog as it struggles to find its way to Melaque:

Of that group, I read seven whenever new posts appear. In fact, you will find them listed to the right of this post.

I do not know what the criteria were for selection. But the other blogs are extremely good, and I get a warm feeling just walking on the same red carpet with them.

On the other hand, I could probably come up with a list of blogs just as good.

What did not surprise was the limousine at the door with liveried footmen to escort me to the grand champagne award dinner. I say surprised -- because I am still waiting. In all fairness, though, I didn't expend any campaign money for the honor. And no cabinet positions come with the award.

Instead, I will sit home tonight alone, eat Sunday leftovers, and contemplate the state of man in a world of joy and woes.

Thank you, academy.


Calypso said...

Congratulations hombre - some well recognition!

GlorV1 said...

Oh Steve, don't sound sad. You are home with yourself and Mr. Jiggs. That is more important than anything else in the world. Be happy with your leftovers and share it with Jiggs. Take care and again congratulations on being one of the top 10.
Hoooooray for Steve!!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Very nice, of course now you have to standards to keep up! Congratulations!

Steve Cotton said...

Muchas gracias, señor. Just another kick in the seat to get me headed south. This weekend, I will slip under 100 days remaining until retirement.

Steve Cotton said...

Gloria -- No sadness on this end. My contemplative mood always sounds far more melancholy than it is.

Theresa -- Standards? They have standards in here? Thanks. It may be an impetus to get me back on my daily publishing schedule.

Anonymous said...

congrats steve! and i would love to see you publishing on a daily basis again.

did you read cynthia's blog? sitka is back! i am thrilled for them!

how is your snow situation? our schools were closed the last 2 days and will remain that way till the new year. the roads are so treacherous, with all the hills, driving is very difficult. i'm happy to stay home, bake, putter around my apt, read blogs, and read and write e-mails.

please say a prayer for chris and his girlfriend's safe travels on saturday. they have to go over snoqualmie pass and the conditions are supposed to be even worse on sat. than they are now.

take care.


1st Mate said...

A cybertoast to you, Steve. You do write one of the most eloquent and enjoyable blogs I've come across.

Steve Cotton said...

Thanks, Teresa. I did see that Sitka is back. I was going to leave a comment on Cynthia's blog that I hope Sitka is on a leash or behind a locked yard when the next cat tempts her. But it sounded too churlish on my part. We have a little ice that thawed today. Now everything is freezing up tonight.

Bliss -- Just as long as I do not end up with a cyber-headadche. Thanks. Your praise means a lot to me. You and Andee were two of my early blog friends.

Islagringo said...

Congrats! You deserve everything you get!

Steve Cotton said...

Thanks, Wayne. But, as Jack Benny said: "I got arthritis, and I didn't deserve that, either"

Unknown said...

I know you are a good writer, and I enjoy your blogs daily. However, you reported eating FOUR DAY OLD leftovers! After two days, chuck the food out, my friend. Or freeze'em. Humility is great, but friend don't let friends eat old, old food.

Steve Cotton said...

Laurie -- Then you would have had a fit about last night's supper: a sandwich made from rare prime rib left over from my 6 December dinner. But I am still alive. I think I have developed a dog's digestive system. If I can swallow it, I eat it.

Babs said...

Congrats Steve - I'm just now catchin gup on blogs! I'm on a "real" computer and not a sissy laptop.

Steve Cotton said...

Thanks, Babs. As you noted on your blog, getting out of a routine is rough. There is so much good information on so many blogs, it is real easy to get behind. Do you have a laptop or a full PC in SCM? I am going to take a laptop to Melaque -- and I have trepidations.