Monday, June 30, 2008

grace notes

I just wanted to stick in a reminder that some of the best information (and writing) on this blog can be found in the "Comments" section. Readers have a tendency to riff off of a point and to create an entirely new harmony. If you have not yet joined in on any of those jam sessions, please do. We all like hearing new (and old) voices.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Steve. As you know, I am a somewhat prolific commenter on Blogs. And I'd note that I am MUCH more inclined to keep commenting on blogs where the blogger responds to the comments.

I read a few blogs where the blogger just posts the comments without adding further commentary. But these blogs seem oddly lifeless without any responses to the comments.

Aside from his terrifically evocative writing, I think that is one of the reasons why Michael Dickson's blog is so engaging. He usually responds to all the comments that are posted. It makes you feel like you are somehow part of a community.

So thanks again for your invitation to comment. I enjoy your blog and perhaps we can meet some day in the real world.


Kim G
Boston, MA

Steve Cotton said...

Kim -- I always appreciate your comments and insights. To me, the heart and soul of blogs can be found right here in the Comments section. It is the only way I know I am connecting with people who read what I have written. As you probably know, I consider Michael to be one of my blog mentors. I always try to keep the conversation going.

I suspect we will run into one another one day -- probably in the trunk of some kidnapper's car in Mexico City. I know that Michael and I find those jibes a lot funnier than do you.