Thursday, June 12, 2008

naughty or nice

OK. The poll has been fun. And the comments have been entertaining. For those who would like to vote (and have not done so -- this is not Chicago: once will do), I will not take the poll down until Friday midnight.

Because that test worked rather well, I am experimenting with a new blog page element. Rather than merely listing the blogs I read, the list will rearrange itself when new material is posted on each of my favorite blogs.

I have had it running since Tuesday. The upside is that I know if there is a new posting. It acts almost like a news feed. And I can then prioritize my reading. (You can see how it works by scrolling to the bottom of the right-hand column; it is unimaginatively titled "Test Area.")

The downside is that I might miss new comments on an old post. I am an avid reader of comments. Some of the best information, at least on my blog, can be found in the comments.

I should also mention that it does not work with all web sites. For instance,
SolMate Santiago will not properly connect.

I am considering switching over from my current blogroll to the more interactive version. But I would hate to lose the
SolMate Santiago connection -- and I will need to be more careful about checking comments.

Anybody have a preference?


Babs said...

Very interesting method! But since I haen't yet figured out how to add a blogroll, links, or anything else "technological" nor has my "computer guru" - I don't even think I'll ask HOW to do that!

Steve Cotton said...

The blog list and the updated list are extremely easy to add to your page. While signed in, click on "Customize" in the upper right corner of your home page. You will see a page that allows you to "Add a Page Element." Click on it. The option "Blog List" will let you add the automatic upate version. "Link List" will let you add a regular blog list. There are plenty of other options on the page. Try some of them. They are fun.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

I'll think on the new blog list feature, I like that it shows updates.