Tuesday, June 17, 2008

hum along with us

I have mentioned my friend and neighbor, Bill, before. In a situation comedy, he would be the kindly neighbor who shows up to relieve the tension and dispense wisdom. Think Harry Morgan as Pete in December Bride.

He passed along the picture at the top of this post with a comment: "Here's another sign that summer is upon us." And he is correct.

Even though our mornings have been delightfully cool (in the 40s), each morning has been free of clouds and fog. The temperature then rises slowly to something in the near-perfect low 70s.

While eating lunch at work today, I saw a slight movement in the ornamental plum tree that stands just outside the lunch room windows. The tree must not be entirely ornamental because the squirrels go through all forms of contortions to eat some treat from limbs almost as flexible as the squirrels.

But today's dining guest was not a squirrel. It was a hummingbird. And I recalled seeing hummingbirds visit the tree in the past. Their presence at that tree still baffles me.

Perhaps it is the same hummingbird in Bill's picture. Having found very little nectar at work, it flew home and found sugar aplenty. There may be a lesson there for a certain attorney who is looking for satisfaction in all the wrong places.

[I am unable to identify the object of this Erte-like shot. Can anyone help? I wonder if Todd of Life in El Corazon has any ideas? He has had several close encounters.]


Islagringo said...

is this post foreshadowing or just cryptic?

Todd said...

Sorry Steve, can't say I recognize your feathered friend. I have just gotten to know the ones in our neighbourhood here in Patzcuaro.

We have had a couple more hummingbird visits, but we have it down to a science now and and "Fast Fingers Shannon" has them caught and outside in a flash.

One of our neighbours has suggested the reason for all the hummingbirds we get in the house is that they are attracted to the red living room.

Hmmm, makes sense to me.

Steve Cotton said...

Todd -- Thanks for taking a look. I suspect it is a juvenile of some sort. But that is the best I can do. I like the living room theory. I know that it would make me take a detour to visit.

Wayne -- I am not certain it is either. Like a cigar, sometimes a post is just a post. I do know that I am longing to leave.